When curing freshly poured concrete specific care must be come to stop the 'green' concrete freezing allowing the concrete to attain it's designed strength correctly. A number of different materials can be employed to aid retain heat within the slab. Concrete frost blankets can be used to prevent surface freezing and protect the lake content within the fresh slab freezing. Frost blankets can be purchased in relatively cheap closed cell polyethylene forms as well as the more costly electrically heated variety. Simple such things as using timber forms as opposed to steel will also help retain heat inside slabs.

Cold weather concreting brings more challenges for your batching plant. Keep your supplier understands your project requirements so that the correct utilization of aggregates, mix design and transport methods are employed. Low slump mixes are recommended because it quickens setting times, you may also want the use of accelerators that literally speed up caffeine reaction, producing more heat and quickening setting times. Some suppliers could possibly provide a heated mix depending upon your location. If that's the case ensure that the concrete is laid as fast as possible to gain the additional benefits this provides. It is suggested to maintain the concrete temperature above 5 degrees Celsius before the concrete has reached 5Mpa.


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